I am launching a Podcast!

Eeeeeek!!!! I’ve said it. I am excited (and slightly nervous) to say I’m launching my podcast, “Career Coffee Chats” on 24 June.

Subscribe here to access the podcast on launch day.

Career Coffee Chats is a down-to-earth career and wellbeing podcast for everyday people. Unlike other NZ-based podcasts, Career Coffee Chats features a diverse range of guests sharing their own journeys and insights to help you live an awesome life.  

I am a qualified Career Practitioner with more than ten years’ experience working with a diverse range of clients and communities including; young professionals, school and tertiary students, migrants, career changers, Māori and Pasifika, to the recently unemployed. More often than not, people are unsure who they can talk to, or feel they can’t discuss their career ideas and needs with others. Helping people to thrive is my passion, so creating the Podcast has been a dream of mine.

I encourage you to sign up so you get access to the podcast on 24 June. Also, if you sign up now, I will send you 4 e-chapters (downloadable PDFs) from the Career Coffee Chats blog. I guarantee it will help you to think positively about your career and wellbeing!

How else you can be part of the launch:

I look forward to having a career coffee chat with you soon.

Ia manuia le aso.


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