50 self care tips

Are work, study, or personal commitments draining you or getting you down?

Self care includes any deliberate actions you take to care for your physical, mental and emotional health.

Taking ‘time out’ for yourself is not selfish act, but a necessary way for restoring energy and maintaining balance when we feel overwhelmed or exhausted.

Be kind to yourself  (Source:  Pexels)

Here are 50 different self care ideas and tips to help put ‘you’ first. Take what you need…

  1. Go for a morning or evening walk and notice things around you.
  2. Watch your favourite film (even if it’s for the 100th time).
  3. Follow a recipe and cook a meal for you or your loved ones.
  4. Treat yourself to a massage.
  5. Crank up the volume and listen to some evocative music.  Let Spotify or Pandora become your friend!
  6. Do some slow deliberate stretches and breathe slowly… and deeply…
  7. Write a letter to a friend (by hand of course).
  8. Spend time curling up with your pet, if you have one.
  9. Complete a puzzle.  Soduku or a crossword for starters.
  10. Draw, doodle, paint, create.
  11. Get ‘lost’ in a book.
  12. Count your blessings and think of the things you are grateful for.
  13. Sing along to some power ballads.  Adele or Sam Smith are pretty good.
  14. Complete a repetitive chore that gets you moving, such as ironing or vacuuming.
  15. Phone a trusted, supportive friend.
  16. Reminisce and look at photos from years gone by.
  17. Water the plants or do a spot of gardening.
  18. Jam on a musical instrument.
  19. Get creative with a lego set.
  20. Go outside and take random photos of things that spark your curiosity.
  21. Bake a cake to share with workmates or friends.
  22. Grab a journal and write down your thoughts.
  23. Ring your mum, dad, nana or grandpa.
  24. Attend a high intensity fitness class – crossfit, boxing circuit, zumba…
  25. Treat yourself to a hot bath.
  26. Go for a drive… head to a beach or a park.
  27. Savour a coffee or tea with a good friend.
  28. Watch a TED Talk or two.
  29. Head out to the movies for some cinema therapy.
  30. Wander around an art gallery.
  31. Hit the road and go running.
  32. Engage in retail therapy.
  33. Lie still and focus on your breathing.
  34. Plan a future road trip.  Where would you go?
  35. Watch a comedy show at The Classic.
  36. Take out your frustrations out on a boxing bag (or something similar and inanimate).
  37. Watch some clips on Karmatube – seriously uplifting!
  38. Ring Lifeline if things seem really overwhelming: 0800 543 354.
  39. Treat yourself to a haircut or beauty treatment.
  40. Go out dancing.  Or in the lounge if you want to stay at home.
  41. Go to bed earlier.
  42. Seek out positive feedback – ask some friends to tell you what they love about you.
  43. Try a new hobby…. martial arts, archery, sewing, writing, rock climbing, pottery…
  44. Write a letter to yourself.  What advice would your future self give you?
  45. Skim stones across water.
  46. Take a dog out for a walk.
  47. Move slowly. Take notice when you’re wanting to rush and slow it down.
  48. Declutter a space.  Identify items you could donate.
  49. Go for a swim.
  50. Treat yourself to a glass of wine (or maybe two!).

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Yet another awesome article!


  2. Fiona Timoti-Knowles says:

    Thanks for sharing the self care tips, Andrew. With a milestone birthday coming up in Monday … I will take note of the 50 tips!


  3. jmmillersite says:

    When I started reading your blog I thought “How’s he going to come up with 50?” And you did! Well done – and most of them are so quick, easy, and accessible. No 24 – high intensity fitness, via a bike class at the gym, is my go-to which is a non-negotiable twice a week :-). And a Body Balance class a week – yoga, pilates, and tai chi rolled into one. Yum. Thanks for reminding me that I do actually do something when sometimes it feels as though I don’t!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Annemarie says:

    So good that lots of these are kind of ordinary and do-able. Thanks Andrew : )

    Liked by 1 person

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