Moumita Das Roy: Get the Conversation Started

Happy International Women’s Day! Whilst we should be celebrating women every day, it feels great to stop and highlight the wonderful contribution of women across the globe. To mark this occasion, I am pleased share my latest episode featuring the amazing wahine, Moumita Das Roy.

Moumita Das Roy is a Cross-Industry Marketer with a story to share. After successfully working in marketing and advertising roles in India, a change in personal circumstances led her to travel the world before settling down in NZ. 

In this episode, Mo shares how her creativity led to a career driven by content creation. She talks about the challenges of re-starting a career in a new country, and she gives tips on how to build your personal online brand. #WonderingMo

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Chat highlights:

  • Mo shares how her father’s passing inspired her to travel and to make the most of the opportunities around her’. 
  • She explores issues around diversity and inclusion, including the challenges migrants and people of colour may face in finding work.
  • Mo shares how she built her personal brand on Linkedin through the creation of videos and sharing her volunteering stories. 

Links and resources:

PLUS, Mo shares her recommendation for great food and drinks:

Olaf’s Artisan Bakery Cafe, 1 Stokes Road, Mt Eden, Auckland

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