Jess Stuart: Love Your Mondays!

Who says you can’t love Mondays? Jess Stuart is a coach, author, international speaker and former senior HR Professional who draws upon her experiences to help people to reach their potential.

In this episode, Jess shares how ‘work is part of life’ and how we can thrive both at home and at work. She talks about burnout and gives tips for how we can grow resilience during challenging times. She also talks about her book ‘I Love Mondays’, providing practical guidance on how to beat the Monday blues.

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Chat highlights:

  • Jess talks about how experience of burnout led her to re-evaluate her career direction
  • She shares the idea of ‘slowing down to speed up’, in order to be healthier and more productive at work
  • She also talks about her book ‘I Love Mondays’ and how she drew upon her own, and others experiences to provide practical tips for finding joy in your career

Links and resources:

PLUS, Jess shares her recommendation for a great place to find food and coffee in Wellington:

The Larder, Miramar

Neo Cafe & Eatery

Ombra Restaurant

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