Devoreaux Walton: Cultural Intelligence Works

Devoreaux Walton is a Global Diversity and Inclusion Manager based in Dallas, Texas in the United States.

In this episode Devoreaux draws upon her experiences and passion for helping others by sharing why the concept of Cultural Intelligence is so important in the modern day workplace. She not only shares how it helps people to better understand each other, she also describes the ways in which employees and employers alike can build this increasingly important skill.

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Chat highlights:

  • Devoreaux introduces the concept of Cultural Intelligence and shares why it is important in the modern day workplace
  • She shares how people can increase this skill through effective communication and listening skills
  • She also talks about how Cultural Intelligence can enhance the relationships between people in remote and globally diverse work teams

Links and resources:

PLUS, Devoreaux shares her recommendation for a great place to find food in Dallas, Texas:

Chocolate Secrets

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