Time for a coffee break?

Wow, what a week it’s been… moving into lockdown happened so quickly, so my thoughts are with everyone during these uncertain times!

Whilst COVID-19 interrupted many of our daily activities, it also created new opportunities during lockdown. In fact, one thing I appreciated from the lockdowns in 2020 was the opportunity to learn and create with fewer distractions.

So in amongst the backlog of Netflix shows, YouTube clips, and daily Jacinda and Ashley updates, I encourage you to take a coffee break and to listen to a Career Coffee Chat episode or two.

You can find the episodes on Apple PodcastsSpotify, or the Career Coffee Chats website.

To date there are 18 episodes are here are some highlights to check out:

Dr Lena Waizenegger: Having conducted research into the impact of lockdowns on the ways people from home, Lena shares insights into the changing world of work.

Mark Beltran: Recorded after the first lockdown in 2020, HR professional Mark was newly redundant, but remained hopeful through creating inspirational videos (Happy to report that Mark is working again in sunny Nelson!).

Anna Fleming: Anna is a psychotherapist and health advocate (and mother to two twin babies!) who shares why the need to support Māori Mental Health is more important that ever.

Suki Xiao: Drawing on her own experiences, Suki speaks openly about Imposter Syndrome and they ways in which people can overcome it by building their self-confidence and self-worth.

Shailan Patel: As the Education Manager at MYOB, Shailan shares insights into what skills are required in the future workforce. He also talks about his transition from moving from the UK to Aotearoa.

Ali Cowley: Samoan Animator/Artist/Tutor talks about his passion for creativity and shares anecdotes from his career including working on a chicken factory in Australia, to being the Animation Director for the iconic show Bro’town.

Pepe Afeaki: Pepe is a career practitioner who creates progammes to support the employability of Māori and Pasifika students at The University of Auckland. She shares how her culture has always motivated her to make a difference.

Karen Coleman: With a background working as a chef in NZ and overseas, Karen decided to move from the kitchen to the classroom and is currently completing her teaching studies. Karen shares how career change is possible!

Much love to you and your families during this time x


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