Suki Xiao: Say Goodbye to the Imposter

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Suki Xiao is a career coach with a mission to help people redefine their grind.  Having immigrated from China to New Zealand at the age of 12, Suki had initial plans of becoming a finance lawyer upon completing University. In this episode, we explore how her experiences of working in corporate, policy advisory and agile consulting lead her down the path of becoming a career coach. She also shares her perspective of Imposter Syndrome, its causes, and solutions for busting through this prevailing phenomenon. 

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Chat highlights:

  • Suki talks about her early work experiences and how she gained the courage to pursue a new path in career coaching and personal development. 
  • She shares how an interest in psychology led her to become a Youthline Counsellor and volunteer.
  • She explores Imposter Syndrome and suggests ways in which people can navigate these experiences through a change in mindset.

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