Bye 2020! You truly were cray-cray

Happy New Year! As we begin to revel in 2021 goodness, it’s also good to look back at the crazy year that was. So without further ado, here are my COVID-19 based reflections and memories.

  • If I hear the word Zui one more time, I swear I will throw my packet of pea crisps at my computer screen!
  • Starting a new job during lockdown is both challenging and amusing.  Challenging because you have to build new connections completely online.  Amusing because I leave my couriered computer equipment in the garage to decontaminate for a few days.
  • I actually felt quite peaceful during the first lockdown.  I treated it like being on a boat cruise – I may be contained in one place, but there are lots of different activities to engage in such as drawing, writing, cooking, watching movies, sleeping, sparring with the cat. 
  • Doing home workouts with the cat is a difficult experience.  When doing a Body Balance pose, my cat decided to disrupt my pose by whacking me with her paw.
  • Dance parties at home are fun!  I lost track with how many DJ sets and online gigs I tuned into. I wonder what the neighbours thought of my dancing or twitching (think Lorde, mid-performance).
  • Connecting with friends and family online felt so meaningful. Finally, we all had a common, shared experience that we had to face together.
  • Online quizzes were a mixed-bag. If you didn’t have ultra-fast broadband, then you were likely to have a 5 second lag.
  • The daily updates from Jacinda and Ashley were compulsory viewing, gripping at best. The cameos from NZ Commissioner of Police, Andrew Coster was much welcome too.
  • A HUGE shout-out to local businesses that thrived and survived online! I discovered lots of wonderful businesses who provided high quality food and products during lockdown. 
  • The fear was real. The ‘unknown’ element of COVID-19 made me anxious and hyper-vigilant about keeping safe. I can happily say that sanitizer is now my best friend.
  • The image that burns in my mind is seeing empty playgrounds on a sunny day.      
  • Oh how I loved the awkward dance of maintaining 2 metre social distance when in contact with others.
  • No, I didn’t stock pile toilet paper, but managed to compile a solid range of potato chips in different textures and plys.
  • Airfryers ARE amazing. Spurred on by the need to make homemade KFC, it continues to be fabulous toaster, grill and roaster.
  • During lockdown I participated in an online baby shower, birthday parties, quizzes, dance sessions, Easter celebrations, singalongs… yes, this extrovert felt well accommodated for.
  • The second lockdown was more stressful than the first. I think the sudden nature of the lockdown was jarring and unexpected. I also recall feeling concerned for family, especially as the new outbreak was growing in South Auckland.
  • Who needs a commute when I could roll out of bed and into the ‘office’.  Mornings had never felt to refreshing.
  • I got to eat proper breakfasts!  Homemade porridge with fresh fruit and yoghurt was a great alternative to a $6 muffin and $5 small flat white on the go.
  • Wearing masks with glasses is a pain. Oh the fog! Best hack: put tissue paper around the nose so it can capture the moisture.
  • I finally figured out how to ‘work from home’ properly, and yes, it is possible to do deep work without feeling too distracted.
  • An ironing board makes a great table.
  • It is always important to count your blessings.
Thanks for the memories, 2020!

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