The Humans of Career Coffee Chats

When I launched my podcast back in June, my aim was to have chats with authentic, genuine people who had a career story to tell.  What was to come was even more than I expected!  I learnt so much from my diverse guests, admiring their resilience, courage and desire to thrive.  Yes, ‘everyday’ people DO, and CAN make a difference.  

I thank ALL of you for supporting my podcast this year and for taking the time to listen to these unique chats.  Whilst I do not have 1000s of listeners or rockstar status, I am motivated by the personal anecdotes and affirmations from you.     

So as a Christmas wish and gift to you, I encourage you to take time out over summer to listen to any episodes you may not have heard yet (headphones + beach + podcast = summer bliss). Chances are you will learn something new and it will put a smile on your face.  I also encourage you to forward this email on to others so they can spread the word too!

Check out the episodes on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or the Career Coffee Chats website.


I also need more of your feedback and reflections!  Feel free to message me with your thoughts – what have you liked about the podcasts, what stories have you clicked with, what cafes and restaurants have you tried yet?!  Also let me know what other stories you want to hear too.    You can also leave a review and rating on Apple Podcasts


  • Episode 1: Lisa Wong, Robots, Boardgames & Allies
  • Episode 2: Matthew Cutts, The Show Must Go On!
  • Episode 3: Frances Fuamatu, There is Always Hope
  • Episode 4: Mark Beltran, Resilience in the Time of COVID
  • Episode 5: Shailan Patel, The Future is Now
  • Episode 6: Holly Dixon, Relationship Psychology Insights
  • Episode 7: Andrew Tui, Sharing my Mental Health Journey
  • Episode 8: Anastasia Timoshkina, From Russia with Love
  • Episode 9: Karen Coleman, Food for Thought
  • Episode 10: Raksha Tiwari, Strength in Reaching Out
  • Episode 11: Matthew Sinclair, Putting the Heart in Tech

I look forward to creating more great content in 2021, in fact I have a few awesome humans already waiting for a coffee career chat!

Take care and best wishes over the holiday season.

Manuia le Kirisimasi.

Andrew Tui

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