Raksha Tiwari: Strength in Reaching Out

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University student Raksha Tiwari arrived in New Zealand from India with her parents at the age of 7, coming with the intention of building a great life. After excelling during her schooling years at Lynfield College, she entered University and discovered how career directions are never predictable.  In this episode we explore how Raksha transitioned into University life and what prompted her to pause and reconsider her options.  We also gain insight into an inspiring publication she helped to produce: ‘UofA Women in Law – Outreach magazine’.   

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Chat highlights:

  • Exploring why Raksha moved from a pathway in medicine, to law and psychology
  • Her learnings around resilience and what she did to cope through times of doubt
  • Sharing why women (in particular those who are unrepresented) should pursue a law career
  • Promoting the first issue of the Outreach magazine

Links and resources:

  • Access the University of Auckland Women in Law Outreach magazine HERE.  

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