Celebrate Good Times Come On!

What better way to celebrate the launch of the podcast, than having morning tea with a small gathering of supporters!

A huge shout-out to Percy Cafe for providing such a beautiful venue and setting for the event. This is South Auckland’s best kept secret, so do drop them a visit (trust me, the scenery will blow you away). The food and coffee is absolutely amazing and the staff were super friendly, in fact, the manager Mei was so helpful in setting up the private space for us, perfect for a small group event.

I also want to thank my sister Liza for helping to organise the event, my other sister Evelyn for helping to promote my podcast, mum and dad for helping to cater the morning tea, and Ben and Peter for taking amazing photos which I have shared with you below.

What I learnt from the event is that having people to support you is so important. Not only can they validate your skills and talents, they also create a swell of positive energy that is so infectious and inspiring. Onwards and upwards my friends!

Photo credits: Peter Ravlich and Ben Lorimer

How to access the podcast:

Don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast on Apple Podcasts and Spotify too.

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