Sweet as! Happy NZ Music Month

Happy New Zealand music month! My heart goes out to all the musicians, bands and artists out there who have, and still are creating incredible music in Aotearoa.

I’m sure many artists will be adversely impacted by the effects of COVID-19, so let’s hope the situation will lead to a wave of creativity and musical goodness in the near future.

In the meantime, we can show our support for local artists by acknowledging their music, sharing and promoting it with others (hello social media!) and buying their music and merchandise where possible.

To mark NZ music month, I share 10 of my favourite Kiwi tracks. This was extremely difficult to do as there is so many great tunes and genres to choose from, but anyways, here we go…

  1. The Black Seeds – Turn it around. Love love love this Wellington-based band. Their reggae sound truly reminds me of summer and always puts me in a good mood. Play their music very loud.

2. Minuit – Except you. I really miss this band! I remember them well from when I finishing up from uni. The electronic beats, drums and Ruth Carr’s voice made them unique at that time.

3. Supergroove – Can’t get enough. So wonderfully quirky, but it works!!!! Love the fact they sing with Kiwi accents too.

4. Bic Runga – Sway. I’ve always been a fan and love the fact she’s non-showy, a tad shy, but brilliant when performing. I never get sick of this song (and this raw first version).

5. Mark Vanilau – Giant of the sea. This song is so beautiful and evocative. Listen to it with the lights down, music up and be swept away.

6. Split Enz – I got you. I honestly can’t believe I didn’t know about their music until I went to uni! I think they are musical geniuses whose music was so creative and out there for its time. Poor Boy also ranks as one of my all time faves too.

7. Che Fu – Waka. Also part of Supergroove, Che Fu represents why New Zealand music is deeply rooted in the voice of the South Pacific.

8. The Phoenix Foundation – Bright Grey. Arguably my favourite NZ band, and arguably my favourite PF song. This song is everything… guitars, drums, keys, xylophone, catchy chorus, 80s-tastic video directed and starring Taika Waititi…

9. Nathan Haines – Doot dude. I was going to choose Lady J, but couldn’t find the video! However, this song is pretty groovy and showcases why Nathan Haines brought jazz to the masses in NZ.

10. Goldenhorse – Maybe tomorrow. I have so many great memories of this song and the album Riverhead, a whimsical and dreamy trip that’s worth the journey.

I also want mention these other great solo artists and bands too:

Nesian Mystik, Goodshirt, Annie Crummer, Fat Freddy’s Drop, Elemeno P, Princess Chelsea, Reb Fountain, Marlon Williams, Adeaze, Aaradhna, Emma Paki, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Liam Finn, Carnivorous Plant Society, Stellar*, Tiki Taane, Anthonie Tonnon, Avalanche City, Concord Dawn, The Muttonbirds, Headless Chickens, King Kapisi, Miho Wada, Strawpeople, Tiny Ruins.

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