Top interview tips for students

Job interviews can be scary… daunting, challenging, and even bewildering. But they can also be energizing, engaging, enjoyable and even fun.

A key to experiencing the latter is to make sure you thoroughly prepare for your interview. More preparation = less stress and tension.

Interviews are a universal experience, so I thought it would be great to get a broad range of tips from my wonderful Student Services colleagues (thank you!). So here we go…


Do your homework – make sure you understand the job you are applying for. Read through the job description”. (Maribel)

“Prepare questions of your own. Employers like it when you ask them questions – it shows you are proactive and interested in the organisation”. (Anastasia)

Be confident to tell your stories. The employer is interested in learning more about you”. (Shin)

Research the employer. It is important to know the company you might be working for. Look them up online”. (Sonny)

“Be yourself! Play to your strengths and be the best version of ‘you’. (Kenny)

“Be well-presented and ensure you are wearing a suitable outfit. Don’t be too casual! Be aware of your body language too.” (Artemis)

Practising interviews is a great way to gain confidence”. (Ellen)

Wear a good fragrance, perfume or cologne. Employers do not like bad body odour. Take deep breaths to keep yourself calm. Drink lots of water”. (Apal).

“When looking at a job ad, take notice of the qualities and attitudes they are looking for. Essentially they are checking to see if you are the right ‘fit’ for the team, so it’s important to convey these qualities in the interview.” (Annemarie)

For more information, check out these useful online sources:

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