Looking back to 2009

The #tenyearchallenge is doing the rounds on social media on the moment. Essentially, it’s where people post a photo of themselves from 2009 and to contrast it with a photo from today.

I had a giggle as a trawled through my photos and looked back at my 27 year old self. Man, I went to many bars and gigs at that stage of my life! I also reflected on how I approached my career in my late twenties – it truly was a time of change and being open to new opportunities.

2009 / 2019

10 reflections (looking back to 2009):

  1. In 2009 I was working at Air NZ as a Training Coordinator and helping to organise leadership initiatives with my team. I got fantastic insight into the latest practices in organisational development.
  2. I realised I was yearning to work more personally with people. Corporate life had me bound to my desk too much.
  3. At this stage I tended to doubt myself and lacked the confidence to articulate my development needs to others at work.
  4. Volunteering at Lifeline was life-changing and showed me that I could use counselling to make a difference in the lives of those needed support.
  5. I explored ‘helping’ career options and decided that being a career consultant/counsellor could blend my people and creative interests.
  6. I decided to retrain as a result of the positive experience I had a Lifeline. I commenced my journey to complete the Graduate Diploma of Career Development at AUT.
  7. I saw the value of relationship building. In my classes, I met amazing people such as Fran Fuamatu and Sarah Moyne, career practitioners who I remain in contact with today.
  8. I developed a love affair with travelling. A trip to Europe made me realise that I wanted to priortise travel each year (funds permitting!).
  9. In 2009 I went to the Big Day Out and numerous other gigs and shows. The festivals may have change, but I have never stopped pursuing this hobby of mine.
  10. I was wearing geek glasses back then and I’m still wearing them now. Some things never change.

What I find pleasing from the last ten years was the amount of growth and development I had, especially when I changed my career path. Perhaps it coincided with that stage of my life, where I had the time and energy to invest in a new career path (post-quarter life crisis if you will!).

Whatever the case, I now know the importance of confidence building so you can become more attuned and open to things around you; trying something new and taking small risks can unlock the potential you didn’t know you had.

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