Do you like the taste of Lime?

The first time I used a Lime e-scooter I felt like I was a kid all over again; the adventurous part of me wanted to jump on and see how first I could zoom up the road.  The cautious part of me worried I might fall off and crash!  

With nostalgia and childhood wonder etched into my brain, I was curious and determined to use this environmentally friendly mode of transportation.  Yup, I had succumb to the Lime marketing machine.   

Source:  Business Insider 

Benefits of using a Lime e-scooter:

  • You can pick up and use any available scooter (many are strategically placed around key foot traffic points around the City Centre eg. outside train stations, by main intersections). 
  • The Lime App allows you to locate the nearest scooter via GPS tracking.
  • You simply scan a bike (to unlock it), and away you go.  Literally. 
  • It helps to shorten commute times.  Rather than taking 10 minutes to walk from the ferry terminal to midtown, using a Lime e-scooter reduces the time to a couple of minutes.  
  • The e-scooter moves quickly and is very easy to use.  You simply press your thumb down on a lever to accelerate the scooter.
  • It feels freeing to glide along the road, breeze blowing through my hair. Cheesy but true.

Why it might leave you with a sour taste:

  • There have been many Lime e-scooter accidents reported since its introduction a few months ago.  In fact, a lady recently fractured her neck, lost a tooth and received facial bruising after falling off.  You can read about it here.    
  • Many people fail to observe good scooter etiquette.  Despite warnings through the media, I have seen people use the scooters in tandem, but more worryingly, I have seen many use them on busy roads.  I swear I nearly saw a Lime rider get hit by a bus. 
  • People also fail to park the scooters in spaces that do not obstruct footpaths.  Hazard much?
  • They are quick.  I don’t think I’ve ever used a scooter at full speed.  For one, I’m too scared to go at full throttle.  Secondly, I’m too scared to go at half throttle. 

My verdict:

They may seem faddish, but I feel Lime e-scooters have an important part to play in the future of commuting in the City Centre.  In an environment where people value time (or wish to protect time), this transportation solution is a time-saver. Depending on the distance needed to travel, the scooters also reduce the need to use a petrol vehicle.  As they become a regular part of our day-to-day lives, I wonder if we will see a reduction in accidents and injuries especially as the scooters require a decent amount of physical co-ordination and mental alertness. 

For me personally, I’m liking the taste of Lime.  Make sure you wave to me as I glide through High Street!

Countdown to Christmas!  From 1 to 24 December, I will share some of my key reflections and learnings from 2018.  

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