Learning is fluid (and doesn’t need to stop)

Last year I wrote about commencing my Masters studies and how nervous, excited and challenged I was, especially as I was juggling a full time job and other commitments.   You can refer to those posts here… 



Fate is bringing me back to study!

During my studies, I came across an unexpected turn of events in mid-2017 and ended up leaving my workplace.  It was not planned, nor was it on my radar that it could happen so quickly.  But you know what, that’s life and it is never predictable. 

Over the past year, I put my studies to the side and accepted that it may or may not eventuate.  I even entertained the idea of never wanting to do post-grad study ever again.  I was cautious and feeling protective of my time and energy. 

But now I am track to resuming in early 2019.  As a twist of fate, I now work for the organisation that offers and facilitates the Masters programme (yes, it’s a small world in good ol’ NZ!).  I have been able to reconnect with my key facilitator and mentor, both of whom are keen to work with me again. 

The past few months have taught me that it’s okay to not have a fixed plan of when things are to happen or take place. I found comfort in being flexible with my options and didn’t close off the idea that I couldn’t pursue my study aspirations at a later time. 

After what has felt like a turbulent couple of years at work, has now settled into a patch of smooth air.  I know more bumps will probably come my way, but I feel a lot clearer about how I might navigate those bumps.  Taking time to reflect, heal and simplify things has definitely helped.  

I have three words to say to my ‘study’ friend… BRING IT ON! 

Countdown to Christmas!  From 1 to 24 December, I will share some of my key reflections and learnings from 2018.  

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