Santa’s little helpers

Feliz Navidad
Feliz Navidad
Feliz Navidad
Prospero año y Felicidad!

The Volunteers  (Source:  Adopt-a-Senior Facebook page)

And so we sang to a group of keen and welcoming residents at Elmwood Village in Manurewa.  

Yesterday I volunteered with a group of people through the ‘Adopt-a- Senior’ Christmas initative, where we spent time chatting with the eldlery residents, as well as giving them Christmas presents, singing songs, sharing jokes… simply all the best things associated with the festive season. 

The initiative started in 2016 and is essentially a gift giving project to make a difference in the lives on seniors in the community.  Since it’s early beginnings in Papakura, the initiatives have spread to many resthomes across Auckland.  In fact, I was told by the organiser Lena that they were visiting 14 more resthomes before Christmas!  

What I quickly noticed at Elmwood Village was how grateful the residents were.  Not only did they happily chat with us, but they also shared pearls of wisdom and advice.  My good friend told me she welled up when this amazing 103 year old shared inspiring words with her.  Human relationships are timeless.  

Volunteering and showing acts of community service do make a positive difference to the lives of others.  We should never underestimate the simplest of acts, as often these can mean to the most to others.  

What made this ocassion even sweeter was that my nana lives at Elmwood too.  I smile with pride when I think of how special they were all made to feel by this amazing group of volunteers.  They truly were deserving recipients.  

To find out more about the Adopt-A-Senior movement (or to take part in an upcoming event), then check out their Facebook page:

Source:  Adopt-a-Senior Facebook page

Countdown to Christmas!  From 1 to 24 December, I will share some of my key reflections and learnings from 2018.  

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