Say no to plastic #PlasticFreeNZ

Credit:  Plastic Free New Zealand (Facebook page)

This month is Plastic Free July and here are eights ways I will show my support for this important movement and cause…

  1. I will use reusable bags for groceries (must remember to leave a stash in my car).  #banthebag
  2. I will use a reusable cup for my daily coffee.  Personally I love ‘KeepCup’ as I they come in bright funky colours and are dishwasher safe.
  3. I will take my own container if buying lunch.
  4. I will avoid plastic wrapped foods.
  5. I will take my plastic bags to Soft Plastic Recycling Station at my local Countdown store.
  6. I will purchase some wax food wraps.  A great alternative to plastic wraps like Glad Wrap.
  7. I will raise my awareness by watching the documentary ‘A Plastic Ocean’
  8. I will draw awareness to plastic recycling (and minimising usage) through sharing thoughts and ideas on social media. Oh wow, I’ve just done that!  You can also promote this page on FB:

Yes, changing habits can be hard but it isn’t possible.  Start small, be informed, and remember how good it feels when you undertake an action that positively benefits our planet.  And repeat.

With my trusty KeepCup.  A simple habit that I’ve maintained for many years!

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