A ship named Pearl


Last year I blogged about my experience cruising through the Pacific Ocean.  What I totally forgot about was the poem I wrote during my cruise and I stumbled across it today.  I wrote a limerick containing 20(!) verses, all describing the cruise ship journey.  It was amazing to see how easy and natural it was to write and create without all the normal day-to-day distractions.

I hope you enjoy these ship-worthy musings!

Aboard the Pacific Pearl

A Ship Named Pearl

There once was a ship named Pearl

A much-loved Pacific bound girl

Out of Auckland she went

Cocktail money to be spent

Ship fun and delight to unfurl!


Going through customs:  A breeze

Warnings:  Please try not to sneeze

Our cabin is cute

The casino has loot

And staircases that do make me wheeze


No chance of going hungry here

Would you like chips and salad my dear?

Like a Hunger Games scene

Push, shove and a scream

Quick smart the food disappears


Our fave café is on level five

The coffee supreme java jive

The caffeine is so fine

No need for a whine

My vitals suggest I’m alive


There is entertainment galore

Run around the ship and explore

Embrace the Zumba dance

Strut freely as you prance

But please do not act like a bore


The bars are so lush and so grand

They sizzle with the sound of a band

If you need a cool drink

Give the waiter a wink

And spend more than you ought to have planned!


I have never seen water so blue

A few birdies hover round too

With no land in sight

I did get a fright

So bring on Caledonia, New!


There are young’uns, but many more old

Baby Boomers are getting so bold

Donning costumes and hats

And cackling like cats

No risk of them getting cold


The first night we spied a show

A ventriloquist with dummy in tow

We giggled a bit

But the magician was shit

Can he disappear in one go?


On the deck I lie down and read

My body relaxes indeed

Try not to nod-off

Wake up with a cough

And get back to reading with speed


The boat did roll rock, rock and roll

Wait, can you get me a bowl?

At night I felt queasy

I swear it wasn’t easy

To pass on the “Back to School” soul


This morning I felt the cool breeze

Noumea in sight we were pleased

The township did sparkle

The islands, remarkable

Its allure did magically tease


Our speedboat dashed over the waves

To Duck Island:  leave no haste!

We swam in the sea

Ate chips and a sammie

More days like this we will crave


We walked around Noumea town

Sweat beaded on our crown

Ben spoke in French tongue

To order cake and a bun

In our stomachs they happily went down


In the Atrium we hear The Beats

Gets me wriggling in my seat

They put the funk in the ship

Tunes part from my lips

Nostalgia in truly a treat


Sanistiser has become my friend

The rules you cannot bend

Wash, lather, repeat

Be careful how you eat

Or you’ll meet an untimely end


Facebook and Insta don’t work

No Wifi, I shrug and I shurk

To be off the grid

I cry like a kid

My phone is now a useless jerk


In Lifou we snorkeled and swam

Why would you stay on land?

The water clean and green

Fishes galore to be seen

I left feeling golden and tanned


We were dazzled by the Isle of Pines

I compare it to a vintage fine wine

Ben snorkeled with Nimo

The water a dream-o

And said this island is mine!


My first cruise was a complete success

A wonderful way to rest

There is so much to do

Or little if you choose

Thank you Pearl for being the best!


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