Welcome back to work!

Today is my first day back at work, which also coincides with the predicted weather bomb set to hit New Zealand.  When I peer outside the skies are a dull concrete colour and the rain is lashing the pavements.  I notice people scuttling past with their umbrellas screaming as they bend in the wind.  Cars drive past with rain streaming down their windows like a waterfall.  Window-wipers perform their synchronised dance after what feels like a very long time.

Greeted by a lovely wet day.

Despite the gloomy weather (no this is not the Apocolypse), I actually feel relaxed about being back at work. I knew I would have to return in early January, so having the time to get used to the idea helped with my mindset.

Easing into work after a significant break can often be difficult (and depressing for some) so here are some of the things I’ve done to acclimatise myself…

  • Connect with colleagues (well, with the brave few who are back) and share holiday stories.  I told my manager how I had a wonderful beach holiday in Vanuatu, but returned with an infected leg(!).  Oh well, it was worth the tan.
  • Focus on small routine activities.  For me, that’s getting my coffee fix.  I relished every calming sip.
  • Stroll around your workspace.  I did a walk around my office and outdoor surrounds to help reorient myself to my environment.
  • Smile as you gaze at any remaining office Christmas decorations.  That was so 2017.
  • Go through your to-do list.  Allow a good length of time to do this – don’t overwhelm yourself by thinking you have to achieve all of it straight away.
  • Take a moment to reminisce on your holiday highlights thus far.  Look at some photos and remember how good it felt.  I chuckled when I saw a photo of me in Vanuatu using bananas as fingers!
  • Enjoy the peace and quiet.  The majority of my colleagues return to work next week, so I’m using this as an opportunity to listen to some smooth jazz (can’t go past Louis Armstrong).
Take a moment to reminisce on holiday memories  (photo credit:  Lisa Wong-Ravlich)

The good thing about this weather is that the plants and trees are finally getting a decent drink!  It’s been a dry summer so far, so a period of rain won’t do us any harm.

Be safe and best wishes as you go back to work this year.

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  1. Grant verhoeven says:

    Love it Andrew – great tips!

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  2. liswhyte says:

    Happy New Year Andrew…looking forward to more insights from you this year!

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