Day 22: Take a sweet walk

Sweet as.

That’s how I would describe the walk I did today around the Chelsea Estate Heritage Park.  Set on the site of the historic Chelsea Sugar Factory (can’t miss the big pink building as look across the Waitemata Harbour), the estate covers approximately 45 hectares of bush, trees, birdlife, ponds and walkways.

My friend Anna and I walked through sections of the track and were totally blown away by the views of the Waitemata Harbour, and looking out into Auckland City.

We both reflected on how lucky we are to live with an abundance of nature (and marked it with an obligatory selfie).  We also reflected on our limited navigation skills and found the walkway signs a tad confusing!

Green with envy
We see you
Obligatory selfie time!

It was awesome to hear lots of birdsong.   The variety of plants and trees had me marvelling at the symmetry and asymmetry of the leave and bark patterns.  Anna also thought she spotted large pieces of chocolate on the ground, but they were big flecks of bark from a tree.  Given we were on the site of a sugar factory, her assertion did seem plausible for a brief moment.

The chocolate tree
We love nature!

In 2018, Chelsea will run tours of the iconic Chelsea Sugar Factory.  This is an educational and inspiring behind-the-scenes look at what goes on at Chelsea Sugar.  According to their website, the tour will show you how raw sugar, offloaded from the ships berthed at our deep-water port, makes its way through the factory to the finished product that you buy in the supermarket.

Auckland:  You never cease to amaze.  I’m sure I’ll do this walk again soon.

#xmascountdown2017  From 1-24 December I will blog daily suggestions with tips and advice on awesome things to do, see or experience during the festive season.  The summer also represents a perfect opportunity on mental and physical wellbeing; a time to re-charge, re-energise and to re-focus.  You’re welcome.

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