Day 15: Reflect on your work successes

As we head towards Christmas, it useful to look back on the year and to reflect on your work challenges and successes.  Not only does this give you a sense of what has been achieved over a significant period of time, but it also allows you think about opportunities you may wish to grow and develop in.

A recent NZ article featuring career practitioner Janet Tuck nicely alludes to this point of reflection:

“Take some time to review your job description and think about your successes in meeting the requirements, things you’ve done well and things you are proud of. Take note of any shortfalls and aspects that you’d like to change or improve on next year.” Tuck suggests noting down both the positives and the negatives so they can be referred to in the new year.

The second point to consider is the progression of your career over the year. “In many ways, this is more important to you personally because work satisfaction is very much linked to job engagement,” explains Tuck.

A workshop I ran last week.  I value work where I can positively impact on others.

Here are some of my reflections from 2017:

  • The first 6 months of the year were challenging at work, so realising the need to find ways to relax and cope with change was imperative.  Asking for help and leaning on others for support important.
  • I’m proud with how I developed some strong relationships with senior and cross-service stakeholders.  It showed my willingness to develop work in a collaborative.
  • In my manager’s role, I’m pleased with how I treated my teams in a respectful and considered way.  I valued the diversity of the group and affirmed their individual talents.
  • Whilst the ongoing changes felt relentless, I feel assured in knowing I made the right decision to leave the organisation.  My energy came first and foremost.
  • I am happy with the way I transitioned into my a new organisation in September, seamlessly contributing to the core work required.
  • This year has shown me that I have the conviction to do what is best for my career and wellbeing. Even it was confusing at times when I moved organisations, I valued having the respite, time and space to re-energise myself.
  • I became acutely aware that when I am burdened with too many responsibilities, (or take on those of others), I am prone to tiredness and exhaustion.  As such, it is not a goal for me to pursue a similar manager’s role in the near future.
  • I have come to the conclusion that I thrive in spaces that are meaningful and contribute to the development of others. I also value social justice causes and life long education.
  • I enjoy autonomy and love using my creative and drive to show leadership and innovation.  I already have ideas and goals for 2018 and I’ll share them next week.

Have a think about the year that was.  May it provide good insight as we head into the New Year.

#xmascountdown2017  From 1-24 December I will blog daily suggestions with tips and advice on awesome things to do, see or experience during the festive season.  The summer also represents a perfect opportunity on mental and physical wellbeing; a time to re-charge, re-energise and to re-focus.  You’re welcome.

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  1. jmmillersite says:

    I also read the Herald article featuring Janet, and your sharing above has encouraged me to take some time out over the break and see what my own reflection looks like. I am always inspired by your willingness to open your heart and share your own experience and learning.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Andrew Tui says:

      Thank you Jenny! I always appreciate your comments and insights too x


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