Day 10: Find some quirky decorations

The festive season is synonymous with bright coloured decorations, tinsel, lights and ornaments.  Whilst conventional and traditional looks great, there is always room to add a dash of the unusual to attract attention and a few laughs!

Last year I managed to pick up some ‘Summer Santas’ from Countdown for only a few dollars each.  They look like fair dinkum Kiwis in their jandals and togs!  Instead of hanging them on the tree, I have placed them in different spots around the house so people can have a giggle when they spot them.

Other cool decorations I’ve seen include the Star Wars death star, the Tardis from Doctor Who, minions, unicorns of every shape and colour, a mer-man (I kid you not)…


#xmascountdown2017  From 1-24 December I will blog daily suggestions with tips and advice on awesome things to do, see or experience during the festive season.  The summer also represents a perfect opportunity on mental and physical wellbeing; a time to re-charge, re-energise and to re-focus.  You’re welcome.

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