Day 8: Connect with friends over dinner

One thing I love about the festive season is that it provides an opportunity to catch-up with friends before the end of the year.  Even though you know you will see them in the New Year, the positive vibes of Christmas fosters a need to be social (well, I know that to be true for me in any case!).

Over the past week I’ve had dinner with some very cool human beings – all people who I love, respect and can totally be with myself with.  Laughs are inevitable, but so are the opportunities to reminisce, reflect and express gratitude towards each other.


By the way, I can totally recommend Farina in Ponsonby for delicious Italian food.  The decor is wonderfully Italian too.   Onehunga Cafe  has a relaxed vibe and I recommend the Calamari dish.  Rosebank Kitchen also has the most delicious cakes and slices.  The Rooibos tea cake is a absolute winner.  Mmmmm…

Mother Theresa alluded to the idea that loneliness is the greatest poverty, so much is to be gained through connecting and spending quality time with friends.

So if you have time in your schedule before Christmas, see if there are any friends you wish to connect with, it may even just be one person.  Dinner (or a coffee date) is my favoured way to connect at the end of the year, but it could also be a phone call, ‘walk and talk’, or a drink catch-up. Tell them how grateful you are to have them in your life.  The gift of friendship is one of the most valuable of them all.

#xmascountdown2017  From 1-24 December I will blog daily suggestions with tips and advice on awesome things to do, see or experience during the festive season.  The summer also represents a perfect opportunity on mental and physical wellbeing; a time to re-charge, re-energise and to re-focus.  You’re welcome.

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