Day 4: Check out FREE live music


Every summer, Auckland Council puts on a series of free outdoor gigs in different locations in Auckland.  I have been attending these for many years and love the variety of the acts.  In the past I have listened to jazz, reggae, rock, classical, swing, pop, acoustic… the list goes on.

download (6)

Depending on your mood, you might go with a group of friends and go picnic-style (with loads of yummy food and drinks of course).  Don’t forget to take a rug and cushions.  Or you may listen to snippets of music as you walk on by with an ice cream.  Whatever floats your boat really!

Best yet… the gigs are FREE.  Great for the pocket, great for the mind and heart.

Check out the schedule here…


#xmascountdown2017  From 1-24 December I will blog daily suggestions with tips and advice on awesome things to do, see or experience during the festive season.  The summer also represents a perfect opportunity on mental and physical wellbeing; a time to re-charge, re-energise and to re-focus.  You’re welcome.

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