Day 2: Have pani popo at Lei Cafe

Malo e lelei and warm Pacific greetings!  Embrace a slice of Polynesia and have a bite to eat and a drink at Lei Cafe in Ponsonby.

Brother and Sister duo Saione Greer and Natasha Finau opened Lei to bring the pacific back to Ponsonby.   Passionate about their Tongan heritage, the service is ultra friendly, the music vibrant, and the food features a welcome Pacific twist.  Pacific people are known for their strong sense of community, so you can’t help but smile when you come in here.

The cafe is also adorned with modern Pacific-inspired art, including a large floral mural by one of my favourite Kiwi artists, Flox.


I totally recommend the scones, pani popo and ika (raw fish).  It totally reminds me of the awesome food I grew up with with!  For those unfamiliar with pani popo, it essentially is a Samoan coconut bread roll, covered in a delicious creamy, sweet sauce.  You won’t regret trying it.

Lei Cafe, 4 Williamson Ave, Ponsonby



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