Show gratitude towards others at work (everyday!)


I absolutely adore this quote.  It represents the hope in our lives, providing the energy that keep us connected, grounded and kind.

Showing gratitude puts you in a state of reflection where you see things, actions, people and memories in an appreciative way.  When you express gratitude towards others, your face softens and you become less tense.  You can’t help but feel positive and warm in this respectful state.  You can read more on the benefits of expressing gratitude in the workplace here.

I am hugely encouraged by our new Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, who strongly asserted that she wants to lead a government that is empathetic and kind.  This made me think about the workplace in general – we spend a significant amount of time at work and for many of us is important to feel valued and acknowledged, but how often do we stop to genuinely express thanks to a colleague?

Think of a time when someone showed you heart-felt appreciation and thanks at work.  Recall how that made you feel.  Enough said.

IMG_7427Today I ran a gratitude exercise with my team where I each gave them a coloured piece of paper with a different colleague’s name.  I tasked them to write some words of appreciation for that person and to stick their paper on the wall by the end of the day.  it was no surprise to see that everyone had completed it and it was so great to read the shared sentiments.

Always have at the back of your mind that your words and actions can (and does) make a difference to someone’s day.  If someone is going through a difficult time, then your words can provide momentary respite (and hope).  How easy an action.

Have you tried something like this at your workplace?  I’d love to hear your ideas!

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