Awesome (yet arduous) August

Goodbye August.  Boy, what a hard, challenging month you were!  You put me through the wringer, tested my patience, made me confront myself, and took me on a rollercoaster of emotions.

Standing before you.

Despite going through this arduous process, I made the bold decision to leave my workplace after 5.5 years.  Yup!  Time for a new start and fresh beginnings.  It wasn’t an easy decision to make and I totally take my hat off to people who also have had to make similar decisions.

I am a big fan of photo challenges and particularly love “Awesome August” by the crew at Live More Awesome.  LMA work tirelessly to promote positive wellbeing and mental health, using this photo challenge as a way to allow people to express gratitude, but also to appreciate all the great things around them.

Here’s what they said… we made a list of 31 things to take photos of that will hopefully make you appreciate the things that you have, but also highlight some of the key things that make people happier in their lives.

I had just begun undertaking the “Awesome August” challenge before I made a firm decision about work, so in a way the timing of the challenge was serendipitous.  At the beginning or end of each day, it gave me time to breathe, to create focus, and to tap into things that were in my control.  The photos I took conveyed a multitude of emotions whether I was consciously or unconsciously thinking about their meaning.

What I love now, is being able to look back at the photos and how they almost speak to my journey in August.  Yup, there is humour and joy, but also pain and a sense of uncertainty!  Pretty much sums up life, huh?

Below are some examples from my “Awesome August” journey.  I think I captured every single day, bar one or two.  You can also see all of them on my Instagram page:

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