Be social on social!

Increasingly, we access the internet not only on computers but through phones, tablets, watches and a host of other devices… The internet has transformed how we live, communicate, shop and increasingly, how we work and find work (Hooley, Bright & Winter, 2016).  

‘Google before you tweet, is the new think before you speak’. 

I have been asked to deliver a presentation to my career practitioner colleagues in July on the topic of social media, and how it can be best used to support job-seekers or those wanting to develop their career.

I love topics like this because social and digital technologies are ever-evolving and there is always something new that captures our global attention.  I mean, you understand covfefe right?  (Google the word ‘covfefe’ from your device if you’re feeling none-the-wiser).

I have actively been using social media platforms for over 10 years now, with MySpace being my first foray into the social media stratosphere.  It was around this time when I was working for an organisation that started introducing roles with a social media competent.

Search for social media roles on SEEK and you will now find that these roles are an essential, important, and embedded position in many organisations.

social media

To help me with my presentation, I would love to get some quick insights from you – these will purely be used for the purposes of the presentation and no names are identified (I will share the findings in a future blog too).

I have 3 questions to ask…

  1. Have you ever tried searching for jobs and opportunities (both paid and voluntary) using social media?
  2. What social media platforms have you used for finding out about jobs and work opportunities? (both paid and voluntary).
  3. What social media platforms have you used for finding career and employment information?  (eg. workplace issues, info about an organisation, training and development, career planning). 

Please click here to share your answers!


Recommended reading:

Hooley, T., Bright, J. and Winter, D. (2016). You’re Hired! Job Hunting Online: The Complete Guide. Bath: Trotman


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