Pink makes you think (for the better)

Pink Shirt Day 14

The bullying culture needs to stop now!

I remember watching kids being bullied back in high school and I felt helpless to do anything. These kids were teased, pushed and punched simply because they, looked, talked or expressed themselves ‘differently to the norm’. In hindsight, I wish I said something because things cannot change unless we acknowledge there is a problem.

I’ve also seen bullying take place in the workplace, and in the past, I’ve supported those who have felt victimised. Through gentle encouragement we can help those going through times to seek support so they don’t feel alone.

Last Friday, Unitec celebrated Pink Shirt Day, an annual event where staff and students stand together to take action against bullying.  I am proud to work for an organisation that strives to create an environment where people feel safe, valued and respected.  It IS healthy for workplaces to talk openly and honestly about bullying, and people have a right to be heard.

Below are photos from the BBQ we held to generate awareness around Pink Shirt Day.  The smiles say it all.

A big thank you to the super talented Estelle Lloyd for taking these wonderful photos.

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“Pink isn’t just a color, it’s an attitude!”

  • Miley Cyrus


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  1. jmmillersite says:

    Beautifully and succinctly put, Andrew. And your main photo is BRILLIANT!! My youngest is getting a hard time in Year 9 just because he’s a bit on the lean side! People do like to point out differences and they have no idea the impact they can have.

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