Beach daze

Happy New Year everyone!

It’s summertime in New Zealand and I’ve happily grown accustomed to the smell of SPF30 sunscreen, BBQ’d meat, and sea air.

Beaches are readily accessible from Auckland, so yesterday I ventured out to Tapapakanga Beach on the South Eastern side of Auckland (it also acts of the home of the Splore Festival).  The drive is approximately a 1 hour and a 1/4 from the City Centre, taking you through beautiful backroads and lush farmland.

I honestly can’t believe I had never been to this beach before.  It is blessed with hills that look down onto a pristine Pohutukawa-lined beach.  There are also lots of green spaces, tables, restrooms and BBQs (for hire) too.

Here are 8 top photos that capture my day out…

1. Picture perfect:  Tapapakanga Beach
2. Campground on the beachfront
3. Beach life is a juggling act


4. Rockin’ times
5.  Look closely
6. Blushing beauty
7. A tall order
8. No wet shorts in the car please!

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