Be kind to each other.

It was difficult to wake up to the news that 50 innocent people had been killed in Orlando.  These were people who were simply enjoying themselves in a space that should have felt comfortable and non-threatening.

It makes me feel sick to my stomach that one person (and a gun) could quickly shatter this existence.

As a member of the Rainbow community this attack felt a bit more personal, in fact, I felt vulnerable today… it was like a niggle at the back of my head.  I ache at the thought that someone could channel so much hatred towards a community I belong to.  The idea (perceived or real) of being persecuted really sucks and makes me fearful.

I am an idealist by nature and proudly wear rose-tinted glasses, but unfortunately I struggle to wear them today.  But reading positive messages on social media has reminded me of how we can collectively support each other.  This will boost me in the days to come.

In fact, I could not help but smile when I read a friend’s post this evening on Facebook:

Me: “The world is so f*cked up.” Pete: “Some people are f*cked up. Some people are awesome. Don’t forget that.” Be an awesome person. 🌈     ‪#‎LoveIsLove‬

My thoughts go out to those who lost their lives.  I also think of the injured, and the friends and families of those who were killed.  May you be supported and loved during this difficult time.




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