Facebook? Sweet as!


Despite predications that Facebook was sliding towards rapid decline, usage of this much beloved (and maligned) social media site continues to be a mainstay for many New Zealanders.

newzealand facebook_thumb[1]

A 2015 study conducted by Nielsen and commissioned by Facebook, showed that on average, 2.5 million Kiwis use FB per month.  Within that, 1.6 million Kiwis use a mobile device to access FB daily.

And yes, ‘young’ people still use FB.  85% of students less than 25 years old use FB, as well as 81% of 16-24 year olds in New Zealand.

Top reasons Kiwis use FB…

  • Stay connected to family and friends (and to re-connect)
  • Relaxation / downtime
  • To meet new people
  • Keeping up with news, events, new things
  • For entertainment

One of the key trends identified is the rapid use of video.  Apparently there are 4 billion video views daily on FB across the globe!

How I feel about Facebook…

In the 9 years I have used FB, I can honestly say it is still my most preferred social media platform.  Naturally functions have changed over the years (I mean, who posts status updates these days?) but the ability to connect with others in easy fashion remains.  So yes, I still feel the love for Mark Zuckerberg’s master creation.

My top reasons for using FB daily:

  1. Connect, connect, connect.  Most of my friends and family use FB to message each other.  Adios email.
  2. It keeps me informed.  I can find useful articles, news and information that relate to my interests and passions.  This includes articles with a social justice, humanitarian, psychology bent, to finding out about upcoming films (I am a self-confessed cinema nerd).    FB’s algorithms are designed to filter out and present information that is tailored to the user.
  3. I can be curious.  If I find something new that teases my curiosity, I have quick access to the information source.
  4. It gives me events and things to do.  The majority of the activities I do are typically found through FB.  Many organisations and groups advertise and promote their activities via FB and I can usually download the event onto my calendar.  I can also advertise and promote events I’ve organised too.
  5. I feel supported.  FB is an easy vehicle for sounding things out, testing new things and gaining feedback.  I typically post my new blog posts on FB and I can get a sense if people respond well to my insights.
  6. I can use FB for ‘professional’ purposes.  I can change profiles and represent other organisations I work for, posting as that entity.

I’m sure FB will evolve again next year, but in the meantime it still provides a useful one-stop-shop for undertaking some of the things I do on a daily basis.

Forget the trolls, detractors, time-wasters and irrelevant information.  FB is a useful (and fun) vehicle if driven for the right reasons.

I leave you with this fab infographic from First Digital:  http://www.firstdigital.co.nz/blog/2015/09/16/new-zealand-facebook-demographics-usage-statistics/




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