And so the adventure begins


Today was an absolute pleasure to see the graduation of Unitec students in the beautifully majestic Auckland Town Hall.  This is truly one of the perks of working in the higher education industry and I get such a thrill to see family and friends cheering on their loved ones.  At times the celebrations were akin to a crowd at a One Direction concert!

It was so humbling to see students I had met, or worked with throughout the years.  I bumped into a social practice graduate who I initially saw 4 years ago, when she was a timid English language student.  She was beaming with pride when she told me she now was working for a social work agency.  How amazing to think that every graduate has a story to tell.


Even though I missed seeing her ceremony, I was thrilled to receive this picture of Mapu Soakai, a Marketing graduate who interned in my team last year.  Despite having little work experience, she was so diligent and eager to learn, showing utmost respect to me and the other team members.  She certainly gave me good tips on how to manage a Facebook page. #keepuptodate

Unitec graduate Mapu Soakai (thanks for photo Andrea!)

To Mapu and all the other graduates, I wish you all the best for future.  Now go make a difference in this great world of ours.

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  1. Liza says:

    What an uplifting article Andrew! I never studied past tech, when I studied for get this… ‘office systems’ certificate, so this has inspired me! Keep churning out those excellent articles.

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