My time at WOMAD

12719589_953217941414547_5860758435031022459_o (1)
I’m somewhere there in the front!  Kudos to ‘The Jerry Cans’ for this photo.

I can’t believe the first quarter of the year has nearly gone.  Within that time I moved house, changed roles at work, got involved with my industry association, spent time with my family… the list goes on.

I also attended a Health and Wellness Conference several weeks ago and was reminded of the importance of having regular breaks throughout the year.  “Dr Stress” (the effervescent Dr John McEwan) highlighted the importance for doctors to have regular seven day breaks to allow optimal relaxation, as anything less was seen as insufficient for the body to re-energise both physically and mentally.  I think this strategy should apply to people from ALL industries.

Over the years I admit to falling into the trap of working long periods before having a day off.  To try and curb this, I have embraced the idea of taking regular mini-breaks (usually a long weekend) with a much longer break during the year.

One of my recent mini-breaks was a fantastic long weekend in New Plymouth for WOMAD (World of Music and Dance Festival).  I absolutely love this music event and came away with my soul feeling nourished.  Below are some photos from this gem in the ‘Naki.

It’s not always possible, or practical to go away for every break (in fact, this Easter I had a Staycation) but it’s good to add variety into the ‘time out’ mix.  The number of things to do, see and hear are boundless.

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