Go on, hand it over

This is my last week in the Career Centre team before I commence my new role next Monday.  Even though I am remaining in the same workplace, there are lots of things I wish to complete, hand over, sign-off, organise, arrange, delete and donate before I move on…  and don’t even get me started on arranging logins for my new staff member.

You probably picked up that I am a natural organiser and planner.  Alternatively you may call me a control freak.  For those of you familiar with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), I identify with the Judging (J) preference which is characterised by wanting things to be neat, tidy and orderly .  Whatever terms you use, I simply want to get things done and make sure my team runs smoothly after I leave at 4pm on Friday!

Appreciating my quirks

AIn the lead-up to my secondment I noticed that I have been chipping away at different tasks, the list sits prominently and comfortably in my head.  I am the type of person that anticipates things in advance and my head will retain these things until they are resolved.  The great thing about this is that it keeps me on my toes and I am totally aware of what needs addressing.  You can imagine the sense of relief once I get them done.

The downside of the naturally organised brain is that it can create unnecessary pressure when significant expectations are placed on me, not only from others, but more so from myself.  In a stressed state, I can become anxious if I am unable to fulfil the tasks, the head starts pounding and I start to sweat on my face and back.  The internal chatter can also create so much noise that I procrastinate and do not get things done as quickly.

In response some people may say slow down or don’t worry if you don’t get it done.  To be honest, advice like this is not useful as I naturally seek resolution.

In these situations I would prefer it if someone asked me about how I am prioritising the tasks and assessing what it realistic and achievable in the given time.  My organised brain may have unrealistic filters, so a reality check is appreciated.

I have a few days left to complete the hand-over and at the moment I feel focussed, determined and time conscious.  To guide me through the next few days I have created a  plan for completing the tasks (thank you Outlook Calendar) and I will check-in with my colleague to gauge how much support she needs, rather than assume that I need to cover everything in detail.

Another thing I have accepted is to ‘let go’ of the purse strings surrounding the team.  I am not a matyr that fiercely needs to protects the good of the team; this already exists and the information and knowledge I leave behind will be picked up by capable colleagues.

So yes, I will be letting go on my own terms.

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