Walking the talk

I don’t know about you, but at the start of each year I am always fizzing with new ideas and goals.  These are not New Year’s resolutions as such, but flashes of inspiration that jump in and out of my mind at unexpected moments.  I guess having time out during the Christmas break provides an opportunity to reflect on on the year that was, but more importantly the year that will be.

One of these flashes of inspiration is to complete a marathon this year.  I am not a runner, but would like to walk the 40 plus kilometres.

The idea popped into my head during my recent holiday in beautiful Vanuatu.  I recall lying on a beach-front lounger, the sun warming my skin, cocktail in hand, the tropical breeze rushing through the air (note: this is NOT the usual way I take time out!).

I notice that my ideas usually spring-up when I am not over-loaded or bogged down in countless tasks.


So what prompted the idea of complete a marathon… 2015 was a disruptive year for me due to a house sale and move, restructure discussions at work, and countless other commitments.  I basically felt I put my physical well-being and  to the side and wish to get to a level of fitness that I am happy with.

I let the idea percolate in my head and chatted about it with a friend when I came back to Auckland. She also liked the sound of this goal so we ‘shook on it’, with the intention to complete a marathon in 2016.  Eeeep!

I have never completed a marathon event (I have done numerous half marathons though) but feel confident in being able to accomplish it.  At this stage I am mindful of my ankle (courtesy of a sports injury from years ago) but apart from that I do not foresee any barriers.

For any flashes of inspirations you are having at the moment, I encourage you to test them out.

  1. First of all, jot them down in any way you prefer.  For example, write them down in a book, highlight on a big sheet of paper, use imagery, capture on social media etc…
  2. Reflect on your motivations.  What is the best thing about pursuing this flash of inspiration?
  3. If it seems too big or too daunting, then trim it down into bite size chunks.  Too often we get discouraged by unrealistic goals, but at the same time, don’t undersell your abilities.
  4. Announce your flash of inspiration to others, preferably to people you trust.  Friends and family can provide bucket loads of encouragement especially if you are not feeling confident.  They will also keep you honest and remind you of your goal.
  5. Find out who can support you along the way.  You do not have to do this alone.  Heck, any superhero had a trusted advisor or confidante.

Following a flash of inspiration is not rocket science, but requires enthusiasm, determination and a risk-taking attitude.

I will certainly keep you posted on my marathon efforts.

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